Hannah Montana Forever? Or Dead Already?


Disney Channel shows are usually fairly entertaining. Ranging from Phineas and Ferb to Wizards of Waverly Place to Suite Life on Deck, they all have lovable characters, outrageous plot lines, and far too many laugh tracks. One of my favorites, though, despite my dislike for the lead actress Miley Cyrus, is Hannah Montana.

In the last and final season, however, I have noticed a few things have changed. First of all, it is now called Hannah Montana Forever, perhaps because during this season she officially comes out to everyone as leading a double life. But also, from a darker marketing angle, I think it is a desperate attempt to cling onto the image of fun innocence, which Hannah Montana portrayed perfectly, while the person behind the wig was off independently renouncing herself as a Disney starlet.

Old Hannah Montana in Concert, Flickr CC by Sarah Camp

Miley now...what a difference! Taken from http://www.mileycyrus-online.uk

And, of course, who can forget the “salvia” incident that happened just weeks ago? Apparently, now salvia is known as the “Miley drug”, and since then, lawmakers have been pushing for it to be banned in the United States.

But how much more of a “$%#* you” can you send to your public and your reputation? Little children seriously look up to this girl. She knows it, and in my opinion, she abuses it. Aside from semi-illegal activity, just watch this music video for her song “Can’t Be Tamed”, which was released in 2010. While I love the song (and I must admit, she looks pretty hot), it seems pretty clear what message she is trying to send.

All I know is that I would NOT want to be Miley’s Public Relations rep while she is going through this rebellious stage. Granted, she is only human, and I can’t blame her for that. But honestly, she is also getting paid millions and millions of dollars to sing the five songs in her repertoire and show up at exclusive events. If all goes semi-well, she will at least not end up like Brittney or LiLo (bless their hearts). Only time will tell.

I’m just thanking the stars that children don’t read newspapers. Or watch online videos or view pictures of their idols. Or listen to their favorite performer’s songs. Or follow the lead of what their role models do. Wait a minute…

You can see the finale on the Disney Channel on Jan. 16, 2011.



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