Who’s Excited?!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Muppet-kind,

In a few short months (11/11), The Muppets, a Walt Disney Pictures film, will be released. The film will, of course, feature the classic Jim Henson puppets. But what makes it extra exciting are the other creative minds involved in the project. For example: Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller, the writers of the hilarious comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall, wrote the script, and both James Bobin, co-creator, and Bret McKenzie, co-star, for the HBO series Flight of the Conchords (which I highly recommend) are involved. It is also reported that there will be a number of cameos in the film, including stars like Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Neil Patrick Harris, Kathy Griffin, Ben Stiller, Mila Kunis, Lady Gaga, Billy Crystal…and the list goes on. I, for one, have been waiting in dire anticipation for not only the film, but for the marketing for the film. At this point, it seems that there isn’t any direct marketing happening yet. However, they did release a poster a few days ago, which is, in one word, epic.

Poster from coronacomingattractions.com

Other than that, the only other bit of promotional material that I have seen is the clip I posted in my last post where Kermit covered the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Premiere event at Disneyland. After these two subtle, yet fabulous, bits of marketing, I can’t wait to see what else Disney has up their sleeves!

I thought that in order to get you guys as excited as I am, I would post a few of my favorite Muppets Moments!

Here, of course, is the Swedish Chef making chocolate mousse. In this episode, we meet Mickey Moose (seen at the end of this video) and Ronald Duck, which always made me laugh as a kid.

The “Pigs in Space” sketch was reoccurring in The Muppet Show. This slightly less popular one happens to be one of my favorites! (Sorry about the awkward subtitles!)

And, lastly, a homemade video of a good friend of mine (who is going to kill me when he sees this on my blog) doing his famous impersonation of Miss Piggy. I hope you enjoy as much as we do!!

Miss Piggy Impersonation

Update: 5/23 at 5:20 PM

This post came at a perfect time! Check out the newly-revealed trailer for The Muppets! It is framed as a rom-com starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams, and then…wait…what is that? Muppets?! I LOVE THIS TRAILER!

Update: 5/30 at 12:10 PM

OK, friends, I’m sure most of you have already seen this trailer BUT it needed to make it’s way onto this post anyways. This is the 2nd epic trailer that Disney has released for The Muppets, which ever-so-cleverly copies the style of The Hangover. Hope you enjoy!

Update: 6/20 at 3:10 PM

FINALLY, after much anticipation from the previous “fake” trailers, The Muppets have officially released their first original trailer! I thought it was pretty decent. Obviously, it featured a lot of the Muppets most recognizable components: the show theme song, “Mana-Mana”, the Swedish Chef, and lots of Miss Piggy. But I wish there had been a bit more about why they are getting the band back together and WHY they have all the problems that are alluded to in the trailer. Anyways, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think?

Update: 7/14 at 2:30 PM

They just keep teasing us. Disney has now released another poster for The Muppets, which includes many of the major characters AND the newest member, Walter (top & center, in the suit). All I have to say is, KEEP ‘EM COMIN’!

Image from moviesblog.mtv.com


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