Um, Excuse Me?

My boyfriend, who also goes to school in Boston and is interning there for the summer, sent me these photos today. Apparently, Disney Parks has set up a Jungle Cruise-like station and castle backdrop (complete with the sword in the stone) literally RIGHT in front of the T station that is right in front of my school! I’m not sure if they are just trying to encourage Disney tourism or if there is a specific reason why they are in Boston, but they are marketing at the heart of downtown Boston, which is just filled with artsy-fartsy college students and wealthy professionals alike.

My biggest question is WHY does this have to be happening now, when I’m not there?! That’s just silly and not at all fair. But anyways, here are the pictures!



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2 Responses to Um, Excuse Me?

  1. I saw them setting this up the other day on my way to work! I was going to take a picture to send to you, but I was running late. But I thought of you!

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