“Twilight” Series Influences…Baby Names?

This article makes me really sad.

Image from scifiscoop.com

According to movieline.com and the Social Security Administration, the names Isabelle and Jacob were the most popular baby names for little girls and boys in 2010…and in 2009. Actually, Team Jacob (if you could call it that), has been “winning” the Baby Names Race for the past 10 years. To me this screams UNDERAGE PREGNANCIES, but by the same token, if that isn’t guerrilla marketing at it’s best, I don’t know what is.

Also, I hope everyone has seen the EPIC Breaking Dawn trailer that was released last night at the MTV Movie Awards. This, of course, is for Part One of the last book of the Twilight series. While most of you are probably glad that the craze will be over relatively soon, I, for one, am feeling rather sad about it.

…And the feeling is gone.

Nevertheless, I AM excited to see this movie (I am not going to call it a “film” because that is too regal. It’s demoted to “movie”.) because I did read the books and this one happened to be my favorite. Plus, the last one was actually not difficult to sit through at all. So, yes, I’m looking forward to it. Without further ado!…

Speaking of MTV Movie Awards and Twilight, Kristin and R. Patz won Best Kiss for the third time in a row last night. And for the third time in a row, they didn’t kiss for the crowd. BUT (and this is a big, big but) Robert did cause quite the scandal by going directly over to Taylor Lautner himself and giving him a big ol’ smooch.

I’m not sure whether to call this marketing (because it certainly generated buzz) or to just categorize the event under silly things celebrities do to get attention.

What do you think? Do you think the way R. Patz presented himself last night was positive or negative for the series, or do you think it will have no affect whatsoever?


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