Crossover Episodes — The New Mini-Genre

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The two biggest children’s TV competitors in the US, Disney and Nickelodeon, have jumped on a particular trend the past few years with some of their most popular series. This trend, called “crossover episodes”, is where the network will film one episode with two or three different casts. These episodes are usually highly anticipated, for what could be better for a kid than seeing all of your favorite characters in the same place having fun together?

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Disney has had some pretty epic crossover episodes. Most recently, they crossed Good Luck, Charlie with Shake it Up and called the episode Charlie Shakes it Up (clever, right?). While I’m not a huge fan of either show, it definitely generated a lot of excitement.

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My personal favorite crossover episode was the Suite Life Meets Hannah Montana Meets Wizards of Waverly Place. I definitely geeked out about that one, seeing as those happen to be my three favorite modern-day Disney Channel shows. (Now, if they had done an Even Stevens/Lizzie McGuire crossover episode back in the day, I might have actually died.)

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Well, Nickelodeon certainly has been keeping up with the trend just fine. In fact, they have one coming up this Saturday, June 11! This particular episode, called iParty with Victorious, will be a crossover of iCarly (one of my personal favorites), and the semi-new comedy series Victorious.

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The weird thing about this crossover is that it is not the first time Victoria Justice, who plays main character Tori Vega, will be appearing on iCarly. In fact, it was only a little over a year ago that Justice appeared on the show as the boxer, Shelby Marx, who fought Carly Shay in a celebrity match. It will be interesting to see the two actors interact again, now that they both have their own long-term characters to uphold.

So, what’s the point? In my opinion, I think it is simply to create buzz. From what I have observed, particularly with my little sister, children do not know or care much about the difference between Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. They may know the names of the channels and know that they really like them, but they don’t necessarily show bias in the way that, say, a teenager would to MTV vs. VH1.

Thus, crossover episodes are a way for each respective network to gain a little bit of “favorability” for a period of time. These episodes are marketed literally months in advance, both to ensure that the children who are flipping back and forth between the channels will not miss out AND to allow for extra time for special interviews, clips, and hype. In fact, here is a preview that was put up TWO MONTHS ago.

Also, it looks like both Tori and Carly have recently posted on their blogs (click on the images below) about the same topic, their new boyfriends, which we know (from the many commercials) will be a hot topic in the crossover episode. And, of course, the blogging freak in me has to show this to you all because, well…I think it’s a great way to do a bit of foreshadowing and connect with the young, Internet-savvy generation.

Be sure to tune in this Saturday, June 11, at 8 PM! Hope you all enjoy!


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