It’s a Bit Odd Think About “Christmas”.

So yesterday, I saw both Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 AND Winnie the Pooh! What a great day, right? I, of course, was having a field day during the trailers for Pooh. There was one in particular that I enjoyed, which was for a computer animated film called Arthur Christmas by Sony Pictures Animation…Which is apparently trying to be a legitimate computer animation studio now, with their fairly-consecutive full-length features (ie: Open Season, Surf’s Up, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, & Smurfs*). But anyways, I thought this trailer was very clever and appropriate for summer movie-goers.

Cute, right? Apparently, this was the second trailer that they have released for the movie. Something I’m confused about: In the one above, it says coming to theaters November 2011, but in the one below, it says Christmas 2011. The website for the film says November 23, 2011, but doesn’t that seem like an oddly-early release date for a film about Christmas? Did they just change their minds? Curious…

There are only a few other marketing efforts that have been made so far, namely their website and posters. As you can see, they definitely resemble one-another. Except when you go on the site and hover over the Keep Out sign, an elf actually yells, “Go Away!” Pretty funny.

Image from

Image from

I’m excited to see their future trailers and promotions in the months to come! While I may not necessarily end up seeing the movie in theaters, it will be interesting to see if their marketing approach changes at all with the time of year.

Any trailers you have seen lately that have gotten you excited?


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