“Spy Kids 4-D” and the “Aromascope” Gimmick

Image from cinemablend.com

As you may be able to detect by the title of this post, I am not so thrilled about the release of Spy Kids 4-D by Dimension Films, set to hit the box office August 19. Unfortunately for me, I had to sit through the trailer twice before Harry Potter 7.2 this week. While I love trailers, usually, that was not fun by any means. Both times around, I caught myself staring with bunched eyebrows and jaw dropped. Who honestly allows this kind of stuff to get made? Were Spy Kids 1,2, & 3 somehow not enough?

OK, rant over. Kind of. What makes me mad about this movie/trailer is that it is SO GIMMICKY. The advertise something called “Aromascope”, which is essentially a card of numbered scents that you are instructed to smell at certain points in the movie.  I, for one, do not find this clever or differentiating, especially seeing as there are records of several different attempts of enhancing the viewer’s experience in this way, dating back to 1906. Not only that, but the supplementary, flashy graphics that they used are so 90s. So what is it that makes them think that this will work after 105 years of not working? My only answer is that they think the audience to be stupid.

Also…Jessica Alba, what-what-WHAT are you doing in this film? It’s bad enough that Antonio Banderas agreed to be in yet another one of these films, but Jessica, I expected better from you.

Anyways, there you have it. Spy Kids 4-D. With Aromascope. Enjoy.


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