The Cat is Back

While the Shrek series sort of fizzled out near its end, there is one character who always remained a favorite: Puss in Boots. This ferocious Spanish cat always smooth-talked his way through danger (or made this ADORABLE face), and now he has his own movie to showcase his sass. Hitting theaters November 4, 2011, it seems there are a lot of zesty one-liners to look forward to in this new DreamWorks Animation.

As of yet, there haven’t been a ton of marketing efforts. They kept it simple, as should have when they have such a popular character to carry the weight, and have only released the basics: trailers and posters. The first, a teaser trailer, is a bit ironic, as the cat completely embodies and resembles Antonio Banderas’ as Zorro. Funny, how things work out like that. The second trailer, obviously a bit more in-depth, definitely highlights the comedic essence of Puss’ character. Lastly, I have put up two movie posters, which are the only ones I have seen so far.

What do you think? Will this charming character bring you back to the theater, or do you think he was already overused in the Shrek series?


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