Freddie From “iCarly” Blogs About Latest Episode

For those of you who are not familiar with the super-awesome Nickelodeon show iCarly…well, I pity you. Basically, it is a HI-larious show about three high schoolers, Carly, Sam, and Freddie (and Gibby, in this season), who own a popular web show called “iCarly” (duh). Entering it’s 5th season, iCarly has not lost any of it’s originality or humor. In fact, I think the show has only gotten riper with age. Not to mention, Carly’s older brother, Spencer, has also gotten infinitely cuter over the years, which is an obvious plus. But it is an incredibly funny show, and I have faith that it will continue to be one for many seasons to come.

Anyways, because a great deal of the plot revolves around blogging and online content, the show has a really unique web presence. For example, each of the characters have blogs, where they report on or recap incidents that happen on the show, or they talk about something completely random. (Randomness, for your information, is a very prevalent theme of iCarly.) Well, during last week’s new episode, we found out that Sam, who recently started dating Freddie, had changed his application answers to the N.E.R.D. (New Electronic Research and Development) Camp, something he desperately wanted to attend, months before they were a couple. While the answers were funny, they disqualified him as a worthwhile candidate, which was incredibly disappointing and frustrating to the young techie.

So, what did he do? He blogged about it, of course! As a bit of a blog nerd, I really appreciate this gesture, as I think it completely ties the young audience in with the show. He even posted the alternative answers that Sam submitted! You’ve got to admit, the answers are pretty funny. Here they are:

N.E.R.D. Camp Application

Your Name:
Freddie Fishtickler Benson

Name of School You Attend:
St. Robert’s School for Troubled Youth

Name of Parent or Guardian:
Frogface McGee

Robbing banks, pointing at clouds, and collecting poop.

Awards Achieved:
Hairiest feet and Most Out of Shape Web Star

T-Shirt Size (For Your Camp Uniform):
Girl’s Petite

You name it. I got it. Many are contagious.

Roommate Request:
None. I do not get along well with others.

Beating up fellow campers.

Bladder control

The iCarly website has many other notable features. For one, you can watch clips from the show, and rate them on the “Suckish to Rocks” scale. You can also help name Sam’s new fish, take random quizzes, see photos from the show, and text the members of iCarly. For as much as I love the show, this online integration really enhances it’s brand, and makes the characters much more connected with their loyal audience!


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