Companies Team Up to Fight Bullying

I really like this bit of information.

A few children’s entertainment companies, including Cartoon Network and Sesame Workshop, have teamed up with Barnes & Noble and Simon & Schuster for National Bullying Prevention Month. In a campaign called Stop Bullying: Speak Up, the companies will sponsor certain anti-bullying books and merchandise to be displayed in stores across the country. According to this article on KidScreen, 57% of children today get bullied in school. This is an incredibly high number, and it makes me very sad that so many young people get crushed during such an important growing period. I appreciate the effort made (regardless of the underlying financial benefits for these companies) by these children’s entertainment companies to spread the word about anti-bullying. I hope it serves as an inspiration and motivation for kids to stand up for themselves, or for parents to pay attention to the way their kids are treating others. Either way, they are standing up for the people who sometimes need it most, and for that, I thank them.

Image from Kidscreen.

Visit to help support the cause.


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