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Muppets Facebook Fan-A-Thon

Have you seen the Muppets Facebook Fan-A-Thon campaign yet? Head over to The Disney Blog to read my post about this amazing online promotion! Don’t forget to “Like!” Advertisements

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Rapunzel Photographed All Over London

Yesterday, I saw some really beautiful photos on The Disney Blog featuring Rapunzel, who will be joining the Disney Princess Court on October 2. Because the ceremony will be taking place in London, these promotional photos capture the new princess all … Continue reading

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The Cat is Back

While the Shrek series sort of fizzled out near its end, there is one character who always remained a favorite: Puss in Boots. This ferocious Spanish cat always smooth-talked his way through danger (or made this ADORABLE face), and now he … Continue reading

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More Marketing for Muppets!

To follow up on a previous post about marketing for The Muppets movie, Disney has been gracious enough to throw us another bit of advertising to gawk at. Here are two new posters for the film, which I find to be … Continue reading

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“Happy Feet Two” Looks TOO ADORABLE!

Usually, I’m not one for sequels. In fact, I would go so far as to say I despise sequels. 98% of the time, with a few very strong exceptions, they are just an obvious and desperate cry for money. And, … Continue reading

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“Spy Kids 4-D” and the “Aromascope” Gimmick

As you may be able to detect by the title of this post, I am not so thrilled about the release of Spy Kids 4-D by Dimension Films, set to hit the box office August 19. Unfortunately for me, I had to … Continue reading

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It’s a Bit Odd Think About “Christmas”.

So yesterday, I saw both Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 AND Winnie the Pooh! What a great day, right? I, of course, was having a field day during the trailers for Pooh. There was one in particular that … Continue reading

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